Yellow Angel

Larmes d'un ange
2001-05-20 05:30:34 (UTC)

Definately something to tweek about...

Ohmygod, I have never tweeked out soo bad in my whole
life! I can't even believe what I did....I should be
shot...I killed someone's dog....I didn't do it on just ran in front of me....and I couldn't
swerve...there were cars and houses...and was
ssooo bad....i didn't know what to do....i just totally
tweeked.....i can't even talk about it anymore..i can't...

I don't think Evan got accepted to U-Lowell...I don't know he was fine all night, and then he got upset
and won't tell anyone why...he ends up telling us he got
the letter but didn't say he got accepted or not, so I
think he didn't get accepted...I feel awful, I know he
really wanted to go. He deserves to go, he changed his
life around a lot. He's not the same person he use to be,
and he is a very smart guy. He's really smart, he jsut
didn't apply himself all that much in high school...I feel
bad that he was soo upset, I wasn't going to push him to
tell me what was wrong though...He didn't want to tell
anyone so I just wasn't going to push. I love him soo much
and I hate seeing him like that...I wish there was
something I could do...but I know there isn't...I am here
for him no matter what and I hope he knows that. He's my
bestest friend....and I don't want him upset...I already
feel like I'm losing him...I don't know anymore..