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2002-04-01 07:46:13 (UTC)

Sleeping Together

Why is it so much easier to sleep with someone than alone?
In the last week I've been spending alot of time at my
best guy-friends house, often sleeping in his bed with
him....SLEEPING!!!!! And I think I've slept better, and
more consistantly, than in the last few months....I don't
understand this. True, he is my perfect guy, but seeing
how he is married (his wife's a sweetheart!) I know
nothing will happen, and I can live with that. I know alot
of ppl that can sleep best w/their significant other, but
that usually because they get tired out from the bedtime
sex (not always, i know) But this isn't like that...true,
I love this guy, but as a friend, not an
ohmygodiloveyouandwanttohaveyourkids way....although if
things had been different I'm sure I could have, but it
doesn't matter cuz nothing's going to happen. I guess it
doesn't matter WHAT kind of love you have for the person
you're cuddling with, its just comforting to know that
someone is there that cares....