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2002-04-01 04:00:00 (UTC)

Sunday night - Well enemies are them

I helped my neighbour to move on today. After all some
people came to house and made visit to her. They did not
help her in move. But used her house after that and take
some time of her away. I think it is a way of enemy to
use some people.
I will make things happens in Monday to void enemies of her
to use. Maybe she really does not know it but false friends
are worst than enemies. They are enemies in disguise.
I saw Carol a sight today. I just smiled to her without
she noticed it very well. She was other side of outside
street with her boyfriend. He really does not like her. I
knew it ever but I was so right to do not interfere. I would
have to do it.
Final war and new times in Monday at April first day of
2002. My home town a paradise with some enemies around my

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