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2002-04-01 06:47:55 (UTC)

March 31, 2002

I have a kitten in my room. It's about 3-4 weeks old
and it has been severely neglected. It absolutely breaks my
heart to think about how this world can harm something as
sweet and innocent as a poor little kitten. His name is Sir
Gawain and he is so small he fits in one hand. He;s playing
with my foot right now, I hope I can keep him or find
somewhere for him...

I had a wonderful Easter. In my basket I got those
Godiva chocolates, a promise of a new navel ring, some cute
fruit hairclips (my mom so knows whats in :-D, some Cadbury
eggs, and Peeps (DUH). I had a great time with my family, I
was so blessed with such awesome parents!! I found a year
old easter egg in one of the bushes...ew!! :-D

Other than those two major occurrences, my day has been
fairly uneventful. Stil preoccupied with that situation
I've explained to all of you. Thoughts, comments,
suggestions? I'm at a loss over here, so much to lose and
so much to gain you know? Que sera sera...

Today's song: Insatiable by Darren Hayes