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2002-04-01 06:38:39 (UTC)

queer as folk

Here it is sunday night, and I'm working on an on-line
diary. It's also the beginning of spring break for me. I
have made it through my first sober holiday away from home.
From whatI undestand, the fresh cut flowers were enough to
please mom and I didnt mind missing the wedding chatter
from Karen and Tim. Dad called twice today to track me
down, but I didnt call him back since all he does is listen
and I talk and talk. There isnt much for him to say about
his queer, high school, sober teacher daughter.

Easter is such an amazing day for a variety of reasons. It
provides hope for those who need to start over and the
chance for a resurrection from hell. 8 years ago I was
released from a mental hospital and today I sat at an AA
meeting with over 90 days of sobriety, both emotional and
physical. I am blessed to have a network of women, friends
and support. I wonder what else is going to happen!

More later-
sober teacher