De-Tet-aCh Memoir
2002-04-01 04:46:02 (UTC)

Whiff of a familiar air

Monday 1/4/02

It's Easter Monday today as well as my parents' wedding
anniversary...and i'm back in wellington as well..after an
exhausting 12hrs journey...

and the air smells fresh today! just like it was b4 when i
first landed in welly...the weather has turned cold
significantly..everyone is wrapped in thick jackets
again...there is a vibrant sense in the air..and my last
leg in welly has begun, boy i'm sure it'll top all
experiences so far..

my grandma is gone..any regrets is well, quite useless..but
we're all glad that she did die in a happy and united
family..the family has grown even closer together after her's amazing what a death can do to
families..anyway i'm just glad we are stickin thru this
together ..many ppple who knows my family are surprised
how 'sticky' we are..indeed..i think it's hard to find one
family who meets at least once a month..and whose cousins
hang out ever so regularly like friends..but yet..we are
able to mantain our own seperate lives...i'm so darn proud
of my family..

anyway, things are fresh rite now..the 10 days back home
were really seemed i have been away for a long
time...will be doin some catchin up with luke, prem,dai,
kai and it'll be good