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2002-04-01 04:46:02 (UTC)


Overall the break went well I suppose. As usual issues
always pop up, but there are definitely fun points from
this weekend.
Thursday I got home a little after dinner time so I ate
dinner with my dad and brother. As usual my mom was gone
already...to a rehearsal, or show, something. But,
also...my mom was really sick. I knew when I talked to her
on the phone earlier in the week that she sounded a bit
rough. My dad said he couldn't get her to go to the
doctor. Finally she told me that she was up to the maximum
strength OTC medicines, and since they weren't doing
anything she was giving in and going to the emergency
clinic on Saturday morning. She gets this every year, and
it's not so bad...until night b/c she can't get any sleep.
I noticed that someone had been sleeping in my bed. So, I
hope it wasn't infested with her germs, and I brought them
back to CU. She hadn't really gotten any better when I
left. :-(
After dinner Daniel and I just left the dishes to do later,
b/c he wanted me to hear some of his music that I've been
missing since I'm away. I knew he was in this band and
all, right? And I had heard them practice once at the
house, but I had never heard them perform. He had a tape
of the day they did several church services at Faith
Baptist. Of course they aren't Sister Hazel, or Matchbox
20 or anything. (Those were the first bands that came to
mind.) But, I was very impressed. Especially when I heard
the song my brother sang. Love Song, Third Day. I've never
really heard him sing before. I mean...of course while
we're driving down the road, we sing, but never really
heard him sing sing....as in singing into a microphone for
a crowd I suppose. (I know...all those techincal
terms. :-p Ha.) But it really gave me goosebumps and I
really like the song now. That's how I find new music...by
what is introduced to me by other people. (For example,
this year...I've grown to know more Dave Matthews' songs,
John Mayer, and such.) So he is going to make me a copy of
the tape so I can show him off. ;-) No...I just really
want my friends here at school to hear him b/c I'm so proud
of him. :-) I really hope that I can hear them play next
time they perform somewhere. I wanna be like....heh...I'm
with the band. Just kidding. :-p
So my brother is dealing with some serious stuff. I have
never been in a situation like this, and he is younger than
I am. But he knows how to be a friend. He is one of the
most loyal people I know, and that is what will get him
through this situation.
OK-so I've been up since 5 AM...with a 20 minute nap, and a
2 and 1/2 hour drive. So...I must go to bed b/c I am
absolutly pooped. Stay tuned for the next installment. :-)