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2002-04-01 04:33:53 (UTC)

There is Salvation...

Wow, two journal entries in one day! Well, I guess I could
just lump them together as one, but what's the fun in that?
Today my aunt and uncle coaxed me into watching an HBO
series called "Six Feet Under." This was no easy task,
considering I hardly watch television, and that I can be
quite cynical at times. I was in for a pleasant surprise,
however. "Six Feet Under" is in fact an exceptionally high-
quality show, with an engrossing plot and deep themes that
can really make you think.
"So you saw a good show on television. What's so special
about that?" is what you may be thinking right now. Well
nothing, really. It's just that this was the third time in
two weeks where I've expected to find another commercially-
driven piece of crap, and ended up with something great
Maybe the world isn't going to hell in a handbasket.