Wired Insomniac

Bouts of Insomnia
2002-04-01 04:32:37 (UTC)

Ramblings on Fate

Well, I've decided to make another journal entry. Whoop-dee-
do. I've been thinking about the world a lot recently, for
many reasons, some of which I'm still not sure of. Today I
happened to be pondering how miraculous it is that one tiny
event can snowball into something that changes one's life
completely. Looking back at my little wisp of a life, there
are innumerable times when something so little as deciding
not to say "Hello!" to someone could have led to me being a
much different person from the one I am today. I imagine if
I had done things differently, I would feel the same way
and come to the same conclusion that I am now, though.
Then again, I'm not so surprised that such minute things
can have a profound impact on our lives. Is it really
possible to believe that nothing we do will have lasting
effects? This brings me back to the whole Fate debate...
(ok, maybe I haven't discussed fate in here yet, but I do
it with myself often enough). I'm pretty split over the
whole idea of Fate. I feel that my actions and decisions
have definite consequences, but just as often as not,
things that are completely out of my control seem to work
together to make something happen. I don't believe it's
just a black or white argument, however. Couldn't there
exist a combination of free will and destiny? For example,
could we all have set destinations in life, but have a
choice in how we get there?
These are questions I don't have answers for, but I'm
getting closer. You can't find answers without asking
questions first, after all.