ViCtiM oF ReaLiTY
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2002-04-01 04:07:00 (UTC)

I c an NoT bE ForsaKEn.....

Shoot, my weekend was flippen awesome! Well,
Friday i spent the night at Rafa's house with BRitt and
STix and Robbie and Chris came over and hung out with us.
But while we were chillen we got kinda bored, so Chris had
his car so he was like wanna go somewhere? and i was
like 'can i drive?!' and he was like sure!
ahhhhh!!!!!! see, ive NEVER actually driven before,
so i was kinda shocked that he said i could drive, cuz its
his mom's car. So we went to the Morman church across
the street from Centennial (me, Rafa, and Chris in his car
and Stix, Britt, and Robbie in his car) and i got to
drive, for the first time!! and i was good too! it was so
fucken awesome, and its cool cuz they turned on the radio
all loud (it was Korn, i member :) ) and it didnt
distract me at all. so ya, it was cool. We
stayed up all freaken night, so i was soooo tired.
When Chris had been over, he came up with this really
cool idea. THe house next to his is totoally empty
cuz the people that lived there got evicted.... so we
decided to go and party there the next night.

SO i went home Saturday , got some money, and we
made our plans for staying at the house. see, all of
us were sposed to stay there, but since Sunday was
Easter, it all didnt turn out like we planned. In
the end, me, Rafa, her cousin Christina and Chris were the
only ones who could go. it was so fucken cool!
like, we got there at like 7, so it was all dark and scary
inside, but its a nice house. TOgether, we smoked
like a dime of weed and drank this shitty wine that Chris
jacked from his parents. it was so awesome, i
swear. But it was freezing cold!! we had no
blankets and even though its almost April, i froze my ass
off trying to sleep. Me and Chris slept in one of the
rooms and Rafaela and Christina slept in the master bedroom
(mainly cuz they fell asleep first so me and Chris went and
had sex). so we just stayed in there. thank
gawd i had Chris, cuz he kept me warm since i was shaking
so he wrapped his arms around me and we tried to fall

HE left at 6:30 and then the rest of us left
at like 7:30 cuz the sun was up and we just kinda wanted to
leave. But i couldnt go home since i was supposedly
sleeping over at Brittany's house, so we all went to
Rafa's house. we were so freaken tired and all we could
do was sit there and watch music videos for 2 hours.

I finally got home at like 10:30, and i was dying to
go and sleep, but Brian wanted me to go to the mall with
him, so i did. But since it is Easter today, they
were closed. But he let me drive his Blazer all over
the mall parking lot! it was fuckin awesome. Im so

i just downloaded the most fucking awesome song
ever. ITs called "Forsaken" from the Queen Of The
Damned soundtrack. David Draiman (lead singer of
Disturbed) sings it. ITs the fuckeen coolest song i
ever heard.

Im never gonna forget this weekend, it was
so awesome. Actually, im just never going to forget
this spring break. It was better than last year, but
last year was awesome too. well, write more later.

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