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2002-04-01 03:19:43 (UTC)


finally some time alone..... little cousins are so tiring!
you will understand if you read this..

thomas - british, bossy little boy, aged 6 years old. pretty
cute and smart but tiring. only child.

Jeremy - 5 years old, really cute. does whatever thomas
wants him to.

Ella - 2 years old, inquisitive energetic little girl.
sister of jeremy

Anthony - 10 years has lived in many places
around the world so he has a mixed accent of american,
australian, new zealand. loud monotone voice. extremely
pessimistic, but quite intelligent. kinda destructive, he
has ADHD

Nathan - 13 years old, brother of anthony. quiet, extremely
introverted. intelligent, lonely, but when hes having a good
time he too is quite loud.

yeah....soo tiring!!

catch ya later

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