Product of a Broken Home
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2002-04-01 03:14:59 (UTC)

and this is why i'm moving...

i hate my family, and i use that term loosely.

why is it every holiday we celebrate i end up crying

usually i'm just feeling sorry for myself, or something,
but i guess i have an actual reason this time, although
that just makes me feel worse.

garret hit me, again. its not fair, he's supposed to have
matured past this. and i can't hit him back, i just can't
do it. i don't think it would solve anything anyway, i
would just end up getting screamed at for it.

i feel like a doormat.

and i can't wait to be 16, i'm leaving, i have to, cause if
i stay here longer than that..well..i don't know, maybe i
will. i'm entirely too irrational right now.