D u h

Somewhat Pathetic Life
2002-04-01 03:08:44 (UTC)

Gee, thanks A LOT!

Well, I hate to say this but I am sick of people. Don't
anyone read what I write? Big deal. So, I'm not suicidal. If
I am, would someone at least leave me a message? Give me
feedback? I NEED response. BAH. I don't know what I'm tyring
to prove here. I'm pathetic as always and I am in the room
where there are a lot of computers somewhere in my college.
It's a MONDAY! DUH! I said that I'd be here on Mondays and
Thursdays! Man, you're such an idiot. I know there are
people who wrote messages to other diary owners. I noticed
that 'troubled' people mostly get it. When I say 'troubled',
I mean suicidal, mean and angry people. Well, that is to my
observation. Who cares. To hell with them. This PC sucks.
Can't play online games. Seems that it has some sort of
firewall. I'm not very familiar with these computer stuff,
so I wouldn't be able to explain further in detail about the
proxy server or uhh....those friggin computer terms. At
least I know the basics. ;p Yeah, I do. And you can kiss my
big ass. Life really sucks. I am pathetic, pathetic I am.
So, why don't you take a gun, point it at me and shoot. I'd
pay you 1 million dollars. That is, if I have the 1 million
dollars. I could fart 1 million times for you. No, I don't
fart that much. Maybe I could get my fat sis to do that. Her
farts are really gross. Real loud and gross. She could cough
and fart at the same time! Or even sneezing. She's the Fart
Queen. Fart Ass. HAhAhHAhAa. The fat ass is a Fart Ass.
HEhAhahEHhHahHA. Boy, that was a good one. Wasn't it?