2002-04-01 03:06:16 (UTC)

helium can be fun

this has definately been a good weekend. (no helium has
nothing to do with it- it was just a strange conversation)

i got to break someone worse than usual, confuse my mom
(again), and we got a new puppy that's probably gonna be
taller than me. of course i'm short, so that's not saying
too much, but still ...

a short chopped up explaination to the breaking part- i was
singing along to the Nine Inch Nails song 'Closer' in a
voice that he ... enjoyed. i swear, that boy has the
funniest reactions i have ever seen. hey, it's his fault
for skipping to that song in the first place (cd not radio).

some friends are makin another movie- hopefully this one
will finish- and i'm supposed be in it.
basic storyline (unless they changed it) is surrounding 3
mercenaries and one of them goes rouge on a hit. the other
two don't like it (honor reasons or something like that)
and try to keep the sexxxy damsel alive. so far the plan is
to use me as the controversial hit- something about being a
journalist i think.
they tried making a movie before, but almost none of the
actors showed up except for a select few. that one was a
murder mystery-that one was messed up for other reasons too.
randy, however, was happy- he got to see me laying in the
snow under a tree (i was a corpse).
ziggy (a fellow female corpse & friend) and i also got to
mess with him and ed by feeding each other cookies. that
scene ended up taking 12 or 13 takes. (i like being evil.)

i'm gonna go play with the puppy now.