The Nine Faces of Dave
2002-04-01 03:05:05 (UTC)

weekend found to contain no actual work

I'm still sick. This is Day Three of my cold or whatever it
is. The cough's gotten worse, and my throat is sore. What
I wouldn't give for a little Robitussin or something.

I woke up feeling awful this morning. My nose was congested
last night, so I was breathing through my mouth more than a
little. Plus the dog kept getting me up. Don't know what's
wrong with him lately, but he's been a real pest.

Last night I dreamt that one of my friends joined the choir
mid-semester. Now the weird part wasn't that somebody ended
up joining mid-semester, but that my friend joined. He is
most definitely not the performing arts type. Anyway, as my
dream progressed, the director told him he'd have to cut his
hair (like me, he has long hair). Somehow the whole thing
escalated to the point where the Choir Rulebook was pulled
out, and we found an obscure rule that says guys must have
short hair in choir. I'm just hoping this dream isn't some
sort of premonition of things to come.

I watched "Tron" today. It had good visual effects, but not
much else. In fact, the rest of it was pretty lacking. It
seems to be one of those movies that people enjoy watching
while stoned out of their gourds. Good or bad, though, now
I'll at least understand the "Tron" jokes people make.

I have two movies left to watch by midnight Tuesday, "Total
Recall" and "Jacob's Ladder." I'm hoping they'll be better
than the ones I've seen so far. Otherwise, this will have
been a huge waste of money.

Also on tap for this week: preparing for my CS exam, writing
the thesis statement for my term paper in English, finishing
the assignment from calculus, and preparing for the weekend
trip to the U of Rochester.

In light of all this, how did I spend the weekend? Watching
movies and playing "Fallout 2." Mr. Senioritis, that's me.

This is Dave, signing off.