Steva's Life
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2002-04-01 02:37:54 (UTC)


Ok, Well Becca and I started talking about last night
this morning and we started arguing about alot of stuff,
becuase she's been talking behind my back saying cruel
things about be, saying i'm not a good friend, Saying she
hates me etc. Then she turns around and there i am and is
like all Oh your amazing i love you etc. I don't know
weather its true or not but if it is then she's gotta go.

As she was saying 2 other friends "Unnamed" Have been
coming to my party's and just supposedly useing me for a
place to hang out and crash and get drunk and trashed,
Well Those people will not be alloed in my home ever again
I'm sorry for them but they fucked themselfs. I love them
to death or so i felt i did but then in the end i hurt my
self for beleaving them. I don't know weather its true or
not but that's what i'm gonna have to beleave to the

Well Back to becca and i. She decided that she'd finally
pay me back for the last party and all that stuff so she
gave me 40 witch i was ok with becuase its more then she's
ever even thought about giving to someone. So She's like
meet me in front of the thaeter at like 5:15, so i get
there early "Surprise for me" haha, But i get there i
wait, then she comes out around 5:25 witch is fine
because she had to finish working then she gives me the
money and then she's like lets go get food, so then she's
like lets wait for Iann "He boy toy" so we wait 1/2 hour,
Fine, then we go get food come back then we head up to the
office great, we're sitting in the hall eating the 3 of
us, there talking and becca decides to stay in the city,
Fine, then i go in to the office and there playing a game
i join in. Great, then the house is getting ready to open
then becca's like why don't you come down with me, then
she ask the house mgr. if i could stand with her and she's
like he can help if he wants so i go down and do Right
lower Orch. YEY i'm all excited about that. So then the
lights go down and we stay for the first couple of songs
then we go out and up stairs. and then we head down and
she has a message, The message saying that her sister is
at home alone, when origanally her grandfather was
supposed to stay so becca didn't have to go home and stay
in the city and come and have fun. So then she starts
freaking out "surprise" and she waits like half and our or
so, wile she's freeking out of corse and then she decides
that she's gonna go home becuase she doesent want her
sister alone with a friend there. Becuase her sister
dicided to invite a friend over. So then she's trying to
give me money for a cab to get home and i'm like no
becuase i'm upset and hurt and mad, all at once wow, but i
just head down to the train and go home. and here i am..
i'll write more when she comes one line beleave me...