lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2002-04-01 02:24:53 (UTC)

spring break is boring

ahh jk jk. actually i just got back from the beach about
half an hour ago & i'm already looking for the next
thrill. haha!!

well anna & marisa & i went to leo carrillo & it was fun.
we walked up & down the beach & all decided where we want
to be proposed to. my place is tower #3, so don't forget
that!! and, of course, we heard marisa's latest dave
chronicles & got to criticize her soap opera life. then
she criticized anna's & my soap opera lives, so it's all
chill. mmm i loved her theory about how it's "joey one
week and not joey the next"...ahh if she only knew.

alright sweet, that's enough cuz i'm sure something good &
fun will happen tonight. probably not but that's ok. i
refuse to become like marisa & stay online forever! ;-)
much love!!!!