nothin left to say
2002-04-01 00:12:08 (UTC)


i went to atlantic city this weekend. it was basically the
only good thing i did this spring break. i went w/these 2
kids from camp, meredith and chris, who are good friends.
we went to visit more camp people, amanda and fran. these
kids are the only ones that keep me sane thru everything i
put myself through. i dont really know what to write right
now. i just got home yesterday night and i miss them so
much its disgusting. words are at a loss to me right now
except through poetry. i wrote somethin last night, i
dunno if this ones any good (i can never tell if
somethings good when im fucked up emotionally) but i like
it. its about a moment that i remember when we were all
sleeping except for me. and i just looked around at all of
them and knew that i love them more than anything. i think
i might need another verse on the end but i dunno.

3 a.m.

The whole world痴 asleep
Wrapped in a 3 am caress
Watching the colors of soft dreams
Projected on an endless screen

Our five warm, breathing bodies
Scattered about this velvet room
So clumsy, so different so

Our voices reminiscing through this night
Skipping across fond memories
A flame of sadness gradually ignites
As I watch the first rays of light dawn

I couldn稚 have painted a prettier picture
I致e never known a friendship like this
I never understood love til this moment
As the hazy New Jersey sun rises and seals us w/a kiss