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2002-03-31 23:40:27 (UTC)


this is going to be a joint entry by me and rosie. we both
happen to be just a little pissed right now. Tony, my
wonderfull boyfriend who i happen to love very much has
not called me since 9 this morning. asn when he called it
i did not even talk to him, he left a voice mail. (i was
not being scarcastic about that whole, i love tony stuff.
i really mean all of that) ne way, it is not that he
stayed out late because he can do whatever the hell he
wants to but it is the fact the he told me that we were
going to spen the day togethor. if he did not want to he
could have told me. and since i do happen to love him i am
woried that maybe something happened to him. like he was
hurt walking home. i know that that is unlikly but it is
posible. i and i worry. now that paranoied part...tony has
some anger problems, it u want to put it that way, and
well i am worried that maybe he got in a fight or
something like that. but than he told me that he was going
to church. that is cool. glad that he would want to spend
a religious day in church but it is 5:04 right now and i
still have not heard from him. i know that no church
service is that long. that makes me wonder what he is
really doing. i don't want to think that he is like with
someone else because i trust him and i love him soooo much
and i want to be with him forever but i wish he would have
called me. just to say something. at least i would have
know that he was ok. ne way, rosie is going to type he
thoughts and feelings on the subject now.
ok hola! you wanna know what we did today, i know you do!
well first i woke up and listened to all the wonderful
messages about bryan breaking my lap top ( that i lent
tony for the night I LOVE THAT BABY *lap top*) then i
heard tony's two messages about going to church and shit.
then we called him. then we looked for the easter baskets,
then we called him, then we watched a movie, then we
called him, then we went to mandas, then we called him x5,
then we went to george webb, then called him. then we went
to my grandmas and called him twice, then we went home and
called him again, went to erics and called him again. ya
get the point? and he has my lap top!!! ahh..he's not
being very responsible and calling my dad and letting him
know that hes ok. um... yeah he needs to call. like
totally. YOU HEAR THAT BITCH! omg omg omg omg WHERE IS HE
like omg yeah we do care so he could call at least. yeah
he has a caring gf..or should i say finance..or however
you spell it. OMG WHERE IS HE!!!!!!!!BYE!