mental illness, yes it is real..

isn't life grand ??
2002-03-31 23:27:03 (UTC)

I really Love Lisa !!!

Happy Easter to all !!! - I want everyone to know that I
Andrew Zander, LOVE Lisa Clark with all my heart, my soul,
and my entire being. I will do anything for her.
That being said, I also want people to know that dealing
with depression is a bitch. I am bi-polar,and last night
was not a good night. I was at a very low point in my
dealing with this condition. I totally lost it while at
work, I felt bottom dropping out b4 I left for work, but
decided to try to make best of it. I need to explain to the
chief my actions for yesterday, and hopefully he will
understand(though I am not counting on it).
I am on medications to treat this(effexor,busbar,and
zyprexa) and for most part they are working. I am having
some issues w/side effects to meds, I will have to talk to
Dr. @ next visit (4/8). I am hoping that we will get meds
straightened out,so I won't have to deal with effects.
Kids went back home today as well, I will miss having them
around. We did have a very good easter all-in-all.
I guess that is bout it for now, will write again soon...