My Spiritual Realm
2002-03-31 23:15:07 (UTC)

A Joyous Holiday

Hi there.

It's been awhile indeed.

Today was grand, though, as I sat and listened to God.

I remember thinking today, "God will provide", I remember
being stressed about something in particular. I remember
getting caught up in the moment. I remember my foolishness.
And then I remembered God's promise to me.

"Ask, and you shall receive."



It was done! Now onto another subject...

It's been perplexing me, and I'm not quite sure how to deal
with it. Each time I analyze such in the bible, I am
perplexed even more so. Indeed, God has revealed certain
things to me, at present, but I have more to learn

I feel like God wants to keep things from me, He only want
to reveal things a bit at a time, as He wants me to continue
seeking Him. Indeed I will do so. But I shall follow His
will, now.

I love you