Observations, Thoughts and Feelings
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2001-05-20 00:02:22 (UTC)

New Diary.

I have tried writing a diary before, but I have always
forgotten in the end, so, i thought i would give this a
try. I think this should be a good way to keep a record of
my feelings.
Okay in the last month I have broken up with Jo
10 things I HATE about Jo :-

1. Her repetition of the phrase "that was clever"
2. Her friends
3. Her family
4. How busy she always was
5. How she told everyone everything about us.
6. Her constant quoting of songs that I don't like
7. Her bitchy remarks about people
8. Her jealousy
9. The way she made me think that maybe it was love.
10.The way she told me it WAS love.

oh and 11. How EVERYTHING was my fault.

The thing is I just want to forget her and move on
eventually, but she wont let me. She talks about me to my
friends. I think now though she has finally realised its
time to let go.
Now its time to wonder where to go from here? Well I'm
not sure I want to go back into a relationship right away,
and i havn't got my eye on anyone, but who knows?

Life goes on.