the ups and downs of my life
2002-03-31 20:24:33 (UTC)


well sometime during the night i got up from my bed, took
my blanket and sheet and slept on the coach. i dont
remember exactly y but i think i was nervous about
something happeniong. mbut i dont know. well we had french
toast for breakfast. i looked for my basket at my moms
then i loked for it at my dads, then i went to my grams
and got some candy from her and some from my aunt, bob
also i got me a basket of candy too. :) my mom also got me
some socks and some things for my hair.

well i had a dream about my cousin ash last night in it she said
that she would only cry if two people died. mine and hers gramp,
which is very unlikely b/c he drinks alot and is not r fav person in
the world, but she said she would be sad b/c my gram would be sad.
the other person was her. lol it makes no sense but i wonder where i
dreamed up that. i will have to tel her the next time i talk to her
on aol im.

-if any of u want to talk to me on there just send me a feedback and
ask but lik etell me ur a/s/l when u ask b/c i dobnt want to give it
to anyone really weird. not that im saying anyone is.. but u never
kbnow about those creeps out there.

well i guess that is all for now. buh bye