a little piece of me
2002-03-31 19:28:31 (UTC)

easter and all that jazz

first off, happy easter everyone. i've spent my easter
thus far paying bills and cleaning the house. woohoo! got
my grad announcements all ready to send out. only sending
out 8. thrilling, eh? oh, in case anyone wants to know,
brett now has a diary on here. it's 'arisaka'.

damn i'm tired. i was up late talking to turtle. i know
it seems like things are moving fast, but we've been
talking for quite some time. i just didn't write about it
on here. made me feel guilty, so finally i spilled. he's
so great. i got his package all ready except for one more
thing. i am going to get him some of his fav candy...hehe,
i'll give anyone a dollar if you can guess what it is ;).
i'm going to try to drive out and see him in a couple of
weeks. according to mapquest, it's an 18 hour drive.
hopefully it won't really take that long. doesn't matter.
i'll do it. i'll take off right after my thursday class,
and drive until i get there. might have to take a little
nap, but i should be there fri. i can stay until sunday
morning, then head back here. prolly miss my first monday
class. that's ok.

anyway, i guess that's about it. i'm getting really boring
on here. i'll be surprised if anyone is still reading this
silly thing. ok, well, happy easter everyone :)


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