Life as I know it.
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2001-05-19 23:36:03 (UTC)

Moving on up to the east side

okay so my topic doesnt have anything to do with this, but
damned JEfferson's theme song was in my head. Well last
night I went out with Mike, had fun, got a little drunk,
not too bad. Talked about our ex's and such. And we
talked about other things too.

Found out a boy I liked before I met Matt is single. I'll
admit, I had a crush on the boy for a bit, so hahaha Im
trying to pursue that one...what can I say?

Today I found my dream dress at the mall, its a black
halter dress with cherry's on it, very rockabilly...very
cool. Im wearing it out tonight on the Jenn and Jon binge
drinking and eating and all kind of thing extravaganza.

Oh how about this girl who was like my best friend up til
my senior year of highschool eamils me and asks me to come
out with her on her 21st bday in a few days? Since im
being in a nice giving mood I said sure. Mind you we didnt
talk to eachother from senior year til my junior year of

Strange days strange days....

on i emailed matt, told him what was going on in my mind,
against better judgement...i repeatedly told him many of
times that im not trying to plot a way to get him back,
cause in fact, im not. I just want to be his friend
again. We hung out before the whole gf/bf thing happened
and i miss those days. Enough with him cause most of this
diary is about him, I gotta get ready to go out on the
town, i might make john call me doll tonight so ill feel
like im in swingers cause dressed up in that dress I look
straigh out of it...hahaha

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