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2002-03-31 19:05:32 (UTC)

some madness in the middle

well for those of you that know me and all of you do i
hope. i am in a bit of trouble. i found myself in the VP's
ofice two weeks ago in a state of panic because of what had
just happened. nothing like killing anyone but just some
what of a big small major life changing thing. i wish i
could have worded that better but i couldnt have im sorry.
well as you know i am a musician and i love it. i got tuba
a couple weeks ago from another school. well it wa an old
grungy tuba. it isnt mine just the schools. so i brought
all my tools to school to fix this tuba and one of the
tools happened to be a knife about 3 iches long. well
exactly three and a half inches long. well in the school
rules if you have a blade at school that is over 3 and a
half inches long you are automaticly suspended for 5 days.
wel i guess some saw me with the knife and told the proper
people. i wasnt walking around with it. i was fixing my
tuba one day and i just happened to have my tool box open
at lunch. well yea. that same day during my windensamble
class the student advisor and head of security came in and
told me they needed to search my locker. so as i opened the
locker i told them i knew what they were looking for and i
showed them the tool box. so i am now suspened for five
days. well to make matters even worse i had a smaller knife
on me about a month ago. i was at one of the local fast
food places one a monday eating by myself and some friends
walked in. one knew that i had a knife and asked to see it.
i said ok. we were at a fast food place. well someone else
that was there with them asked if he could buy it. i said
ok. this was after school if i didnt already say that. so i
sold it to him. well one day after my suspencion this kids
mother called the school and told them that some kid had
sold her son a knife AT SCHOOL. but i didnt. and they didnt
listen to me. so i know have a court date for"unlawful acts
around school" and an expulsion hearing. now to set things
straight, this didnt happen because my school is a strict
ass mega prision. this happened out of pure miss
understanding. i just wanterd to tell you what is happening
in my life. i am going to tell you more right now but if
you dont want to read it i dont blame you.
here it is. if i get expelled then i am out of denver
schools for a year. if i dont then it all goes bck to
normal. but i think i will get expelled. i dont want that.
well my mom wans the best in my life and is telling me that
either she will ship me back to cali to become a bumb or i
go into the marienes. now i dont like either but i am
leaning to the marines. i dont know why. but i dont want to
be a bumb. well that is my life in a nut shell. the plans
have already been made for me to tryout for the marine band
on the friday. and i am not going to make it. i know that
because i dont have a horn. yea i never had my own
baritone. wekk i am getting one. my mom is going to rent
one for me. but i am not happy. i dont know why. but on the
other hand. in order to get into the marines you have to
have a HSD or 15 collage credits. my mom is going to put me
through one year of comunity collage and i am going to take
all atr classes. like music maddnes. but yea.thats me i
guess. i am going to move out of my house somtime this
summer i think. i met a guy that has his own place and
wants a room mate. but im not too sure on that so dont
quote me on it. im going to sign off now but thanks for
listening to me. bye bye bye bye

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