The Useless Drag of Another Day
2001-05-19 23:13:48 (UTC)

may 19, 6:07 p.m. song of the..

may 19, 6:07 p.m.
song of the moment: these are days by 10,000 maniacs

sorry for the lack of entries lately, i've been so busy
with finishing up school and all...and thank so much to
everyone who's left me messages lately, i really do adore
getting messages. so listen up. everything's been so
wonderful with me lately. its like you know, sometime, you
make realizations in your life. and i've been thinking so
much lately. and things aren't too shitty. perhaps i make a
bigger deal of things then they truly are a lot. i know i
do. but hell, what would i do if i didnt :o) i mean, yeah,
there are things going on. but i'll live. the fact of the
matter is that someone loves me and i'm beyond thankful for
that and i will do anything it takes to keep that part of
my life like it is right now, if not even better. and the
summer is going to be amazing, it really is. hopefully i'll
finally get my band going. hopefully i'll have lots more
time to write here. and my god this really is horribly
boring entry, isnt it. doesnt even sound like the same me
that usually writes here...oh well, i'm sure you'll hear
from that me soon. anyway i must get going. love, peace,
empathy, mischief, desire, and gladness...wish me luck on
my finals!