Comfortably Numb

It's Just Me...
2002-03-31 16:58:34 (UTC)

March 30

Hello. I'm laying on a bed in a motel room in Virginia.
We're about 3 1/2 hours away from where we are headed which
is Nags Head, North Carolina. Sometimes I feel like just
going into the bathroom and just doing all of the D I
brought with me. Of course I can't do that b/c it would
kill me...tragedy, right? I think I mentioned before that I
read a lot. I've already gone through 3 books, so I've
decided not to read anymore today. Oh, guess fucking what?
When I double checked about dyeing my hair green with my
mom, she said that she never conceded. She also said that
she was drinking that night. I asked her 3 fucking times
that night to make sure she was saying yes. But of course
not. I'm gonna do it anyway,I honestly don't care whether
or not I get in trouble. So I get kicked out of my house
for a few weeks, it's nothing new. But anyway, that girl's
party turned out really well. Nearly everyone showed up and
I got to see some people that I haven't gotten a chance to
see in a few months now, so that was good. It was also at
that party that we made the plans to dye my hair as well as
some other ppls. It's 1/4 to 7 in the morning on Saturday.
I wonder how many people in my town are even awake.
Probably not many that I know. I've been up since 3 and
it's not fun. We're not going to breakfast until 9, not
that I'm gonna eat anything anyway. I know I'm going to get
dope sick soon and I have to wait until my brother gets out
of the shower until I can do my line. The wait is
excruciating. I'm already starting to ache. He's taking
forever. What is all this shit about how the media is
affecting children? This has been going on forever now and
it's just not stopping. We are products of our
environments, that's what I think it's coming down to. Of
course, I could be completely wrong, you never know. God, I
can't stand my brother. Now just b/c I asked him to hurry
up taking his shower, he's gonna take even longer. What the
fuck. I can't get into one room alone for 5 mins. It's
either my brother following me everywhere or my
grandparents. It's insane. I'm complaining so much, but at
least I'm getting to leave town for awhile. It's warm down
here and people are nice. There's a lot of farms and old
houses. Although I have gone through 3 packs of cigarettes
since yesterday morning. We had to get to the Super Wawa
yesterday morning by 4:30 since we had to get gas too. Sry
I'm writing so much, there's no one for me to talk to down
here. As I'm typing this I'm offline. I'm saving it onto
notepad, then I'll copy and paste it when I get a chance to
go online. HE is still in the shower. Has it ever taken you
45 mins to take a shower? I know it's never taken me that
long. Damn the endless hot water of motels. Oh well, I may
as well get going, it's starting to get hard for me to
concentrate, nevermind type. I'll try to write again leter
seeing as I don't have much to do anyway.--[Lt. Frank
Drebin making a speech at the White House.]
Lt. Frank Drebin: I want a world where Frank junior and all
the Frank juniors can sit under a shady tree, breathe the
air, swim in the ocean, and go into a '7-11' without an