Alli's Journal
2002-03-31 16:24:20 (UTC)

Happy Easterr

Hey everyone!
Happy Easter! My fam is coming over today for 'brunch'
lol. Which is good cause then I don't have to go out. I
got a bunch of candy from my parents, great for my diet!!

I had to babysit from 7:30-3am and I only got $40 bucks.
The house freaks me out and ughh i just wanted out!!

Let me just say.. I HATE BEING PLAYED! Or people that try
to play me. F*ck off!

I'm so boreed. Hopefully next weekend I'm going to
Love,Janis or RENT. I haven't seen RENT in foreverr. My
sweet 16 is next month, April 27th, foward gifts to me.
Well i don't really have much else to say!! lata!