Steva's Life
2002-03-31 15:37:18 (UTC)

Easter Morning

Ok, Well This friend of mine wanted me to come down to
rent so that her friend could get in to rent for her b-day
i really didn't want to go becuase my mother had just come
back and it had been a month since i've seen my cat and
the dog i've talked about.. but she kept calling and then
i just said "Fuck it" and went. I got droped off in the
cab at 40th and 5th then ran over the 41st and 7th running
against 2 stop lights "Human Frogger in Times Square" So
then i got there and put my name in and i won and one
other one from our group, so i got to see the show. So
then we headed over to Urinetown beucase Becca wanted to
go so she could walk her B/F back so he could go to work.
Then the other guy that she's tecnicly Seeing Was there
and that was a mess. Nothing really went on becuase they
saw eatchother at different times. So then we met the
other couple of people at the eatery, And we all talked
for a wile then we headed over to rent. Then Becca
decided to invite her b/f up to my place and he was bring
a friend and after becca and i got out of the cab she's
like i'll pay for beer so we can drink, so we go get it
and then we head back to the apt. "of corse me carrying
the beer's" Then we get up to the apt and she's like you
owe me for beer, i was like hell no, you owe me 20 from
the last party and 8 for the cab ride down to rent for
you. and alot more money... I just stop careing. Then the
guys came and we all hung out for a wile and then they
decided to leave later. Then when they left Becca called
me anil-retentive, and i was like hell no you must be
thinking about you because you are. And she's like what
did you just say to me, wile being right up in my face.
And i was like you herd me now please leavee with your
fucking boyfriend. And she's like he's not my boyfriend
and i was thinking to my self " Yeah you just fuck like 10
guys day after day" So then she's like ok well we'll
finish this tomorrow. Who know's she bugs me... The
Hellish part about it is i have to deal with her in Paris.

And my poor jeffy's having Personal problems still :-( I'm
upset for him... I hope he'll call today so we can both
talk? But who know's he's a bussy little queen.

Well I'll write more later...