Realizations of a 24yr old convict
2002-03-31 10:14:39 (UTC)

dream of T

Ok lets write, Listening to flogging molly which is
somthing I greatly love. Thinking about a youngster this
free lost beautiful creature I met in a parking lot the
otherday whos phone # haunts me everytime I open the wallet.
Whose to say whats right and wrong and whose to say who
really lays the cards before us. Is there even right and
wrong anymore and do I think this would be wrong or Im I
just bombarded with political correctness so daily that I
can not decifer it from my own thoughts and why are
thoughts playing into this anyways other peoples thoughts
cause I cant say its ever maddered before. And is it just
me justifing it. Like I think it would be somthing so deep
with us and that makes it better than all the homboys Ive
clowned for dateing youngsters. Who cares obviously me
right. how young you ask nothing drastic my friends a few
years and is that so wrong of course not I know her youth
will bore me but mabe not mabe its what I seek.
If youd seen her youd know her smile her freedom about life
her total lack of any responcibility seeming to flow from
her. she being the truest to punk Ive met in these parts
and just conection made I belive for us both.
sorta grungy certainly sexy but most of all putting it on
the line thats what I saw.
Fucking prom queens all standin in the back in this dream
of her. Shes almost dancing around no more like doing that
giggly laughing walk we do in youth overwelmed by our
laughfter as she pokes fun at them. And shes glowing like
she did that day.

Big fucking note on the wall to call her to convince
myself I guess. Fucking moral delimas.....is it even
not really


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