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2002-03-31 09:50:22 (UTC)

Passover Seder

Well, first of all, I am not Jewish. But my family and I
did go to a Passover Seder this evening. It was really
fun. I met a couple of really nice people (too bad they
are female. oh well) and had good food and A LOT OF WINE.
That would be why I'm awake at 4:47am and have a headache
and am dehydrated. But, I did have a good time. This also
happens to be the only time that I can use the fast
computer and I have a feeling that I am going to be the
one who is shafted when it comes to computer usage. But I
don't pay rent or for food so I really have no room to
complain at all. Okay, head hurts. Going to go now. Hope I
get tired soon and can go back to sleep.


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