Pure Belligerence
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2001-05-19 22:12:20 (UTC)

*My could be acting career?*

Yesterday was the prom,it was ok. Me and dennis got along
well, he was quite friendly. And then today we went to the
open casting call for the new adam sandler movie... its
gonna be made here in new milford.... and i hope i get a
call back! How cool would that be? VERY! I dont acctually want to
make a career out of it.... being a vet is my calling. I have to send
the form they gave me with a pic and they will call me if
they choose me. Only thing is... theyre filming on the 1st
of june to the 12th. Im going on vacation from the 1st to
the 8th! I would just die if i got a call back and couldnt
go. If that was the case i would soooo skip vacation.
There isnt really a good chance of me getting a part
though.... out of the thousands and thousands of people
that went only 350 will be called back. We were waiting in
line for 3 hours. Seems like everyone from new milford and
all the surrounding towns were there.... and i only saw 2
people i knew! This really hot guy was in line behind me,
but he was a tad bit old for me... like maybe 23 or 24?
But nice to talk to.