sheesh ya fuck
2002-03-31 08:42:47 (UTC)

shes come undone

today me chris matt and mike tried to go to the
movies..although the movie we were planning on seeing
wasnt showing and then the stupid bitch lady wouldnt sell
us tickets because we didnt have are i.d. shit this isnt a
fucking bar its a r rated movie. Allen dissapeared for
awhile we thought he got kicked out of his girlfriends but
they are going to go out for another month to see how it
goes..i think they stay with eachother for sex..but anyhow
thats fucking sad. me and chris stayed up and talked the
whole night through untill we realized the sun was coming
up. his dad came home from jail..he didnt even have to go
to tent city they didnt have enough room soo they held him
in a holding cell and released him early..hes a lucky
bitch for the 4th dui and he gets off soo easily cuz hes a
lawyer..san diego was bueatiful cloudy windy a little cold
and dreary but i love it. We stayed at a shitty hotel that
was supposed to be beach front and i think the only think
i didnt like about it there is the fact that you cant
smoke in the resturaunts evreything was like non smoking
and shit...sooo yeah..matt got his septum pierced and he
looks i know i dont want to get mine done cuz
it looks dumb as hell on most evreyone but matt is a bad
ass. anyone that would get 666 tattooed on their back is
one crazy bored off my ass chris mom flipped
shit today and we had to clean..i really want to move out
of my house because im hardly there anyways and i cant
stand being around my family i know its sad but they make
me feel like shit..i would move in with my mom but shes
been weired lately like more bitchy and drinking alot more
and when shes drunk she just annoys the hell out of me her
and her husband fight and she falls evreywhere sooo
dramatic and lame it makes me want to puke when she cries
its soo sickening when shes strung out crying to me i feel
like letting her fall like i dont want to hold on anymore
she keeps going back it hold me back and i say fuck it
fuck her fuck anyone thats going to do that i dont need
it. id be better off without. im sick right now i dont
know what the hell i have but it sucks im like dying
coughing up my lungs being sick makes me feel sooo
crazy..i dont know if it drives me crazy but i know i cant
be the same person..chris mom gave me vicatin last night
since i was suffering incredibly and it didnt help but im
soo fucked up without my medicine i hate relying on
something my thought process doesnt meet standard
regulation and i guess i dont give a fuck i talk sometimes
and people just stare at me blank confused fuck it its
kind of lonely thats hungry..ohh and in california
i got like two really good c.d.s new york dolls and
Johhny Thunder and the Heartbreakers..both the same
guitarist but i would have to say some good shit that i
wouldnt find here in a.z...i really need to read some
more.i used to read soo much i want to read this book
called shes come undone i got to get it...ohhh kk im done
ranting to myself