Book of the Purple Faerie
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2002-03-31 07:01:44 (UTC)

Back to the Grind...

Well, one more day... and then it's back to good old
Slippery Rock...

*sigh* I think karma was trying to tell me it was time to
go today.

I woke up this morning depressed (what ordinarily I'd
classify as an ugly day, but I only found myself thinking
this once because I dressed nicely for a dinner with
grandma) and unhappy and seeing the futility in life... It
wasn't very pretty. Mom asked me to go to Aldi's and get
her some things and even though I really felt like crying,
I did it to get my mind off of things. I got everything Mom
wanted except a head of lettuce, because Mom didn't want to
pay 3 bucks for a single head of lettuce, so I scouted
around for a cheap head of lettuce. When Aldi's didn't have
any, I checked Jubilee, the store of my employment, but
their heads of lettuce were 3 bucks. However, I saw Momma
Duckie and Amanda Djewbkowski (Sorry, hun, I know I spelled
that wrong) and they both greeted me with smiles and hugs,
so that brightened my afternoon. My last stop was Smith's
market, but their heads were the same, however, when I
exited the building, I noticed that the air in my front
tire looked low. I decided I'd inform dad as soon as I
drove the distance of slightly over a mile to get home.

Halfway there the tire looked as if I'd placed it through a

So, carrying the bag of groceries that I knew had to be
refridgerated soon, I walked the distance home.

Oh, I was REAL happy.

By the time I got home, I was so dejected and pissed and
positive that someone had placed a raincloud over my head,
I snapped at my brothers and family. Dad didn't seem
particularly keen on taking care of my POOR CAR, and
instead went to go get a beer. I took Mom's van and drove
to my abandoned Multi (My car's name) to get the rest of
the groceries and he followed me.

He was very impressed. Said he'd never seen anything like
it before. Then got back in his truck to go get a beer. I
decided that I'd try to change the tire myself and he told
me he'd take care of it. Though it killed me, I left the
poor Taurus on the road side, not wanting to anger my
father. When I got back, Mom said it's a man's job. I know
how to change a tire, darn it! _

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