All Fucked Up
2002-03-31 07:01:23 (UTC)

Normandy Shores Revisited

He threatened to jump from the moving car down to his
concrete grave-- a spectacle of blood and rotted guts would
soon be morassing down Cesar Chavez Avenue. I sat in the
back half squirming w/horror, half in anticipation, almost
wanting to view his demise. To him, death was a game, a
mere obsctacle in "living." In his youth, he had been a
paratrooper in the Normandy Invasion that spawned insanity
in those select few who fought that paricular battle in ww2-
- a select few in which this particular old man, Emma, was
included. "I'm gonna jump" he said in all God given
casualness, "I don't fuckin' care anymore." He had been
taunting his son all day in such a manner, fuckin' w/his
mind and threatening him w/words-- which was perhaps all he
had left. "Jump, dad" his son prompted in a tone of
agitation, "Just jump already..."

"What a waste of a fine body of men"