All Fucked Up
2002-03-31 06:27:46 (UTC)

The Day She Brought Private Conrad to His Knees...

"It's over!!!!" she screamed at Private Conrad as she
angrily flung his holster into his broad, tattooed chest.
In an instant, his face was draped in an expressionless
gaze and he dropped limply onto the floor, letting out an
endless rush of whimpers as the tears careened down his
tanned cheek. All that Vangogh could do was stare and
laugh. Private Conrad then shook violently in his
overwhelmed state-- afterall, this was the girl who, only
days prior had made the promise of "til death do we part."
But could this be the end? If so, he never fathomed it
could be so bitter. He then crawled lifelessly across the
floor, the tears still unveiled and the whimpering
rendering ceaseless through the arid Easter Eve. "Where the
fuck you going?!" Vangogh asked, relentless in her
anger. "Leave me alone!!!" he cried back as he headed
underneath the bed, where he continued to cry for two hours
on end. And all she could do was laugh as she brought
Private Conrad of the United States Marine Corp to his knees

"Lay me down in the cold, cold ground where before many men
have gone....when they come I will stand my ground....stand
my ground; I will nay be afraid"-- Joe Kilna
MacKenzie, "Sgt. MacKenzie"