Dragon spirits

The cursed dream!
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2001-05-19 20:42:12 (UTC)

Its my party and ill cry if i want to

Heidi hoe and a good halabaloo.My friend mel is over me and
her r gay lovers.jkjkjkjkj thats our little joke.. hehehe I
like keith right now except its weird like i like him and
were going out but um I like curtis to a little more than
keith its weird. I cant explain it.Y dont flying monkeys
fly up their a**.They make me crazy and i just cant see
they r spo hott but hey he he drives me . Well its my bday
party today and my vbrith day tommarow.. g2g guests arrive
soon bye heidi hoe and big halabaloo. And no im noy
me reprhase that

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