the life of me
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2002-03-31 05:39:47 (UTC)


another day and more to say. hey, i'm a poet, and i didn't
even know it :). lol. anyways. darrell's birthday is on
sunday... i don't know what the heck i'm gonna get him.
yikes... that'd be great eh? one of my best friends is
turning 18 and the sisterly figure has no present.
wonderful wonderful me. his party's tomorrow. it's a
surprise. :) so yea, anyways... i've gotta think of
something good. a funny card, something meaningful... yet
comical, something he'll take to college w/ him and
remember me whenever he looks at it. hmmm... what if i made
him a journal of the europe trip. or wrote him letters for
him to read while he was at UCSD. or wrote him a poem. or
maybe i could get some pictures of just us being stupid,
maybe like all of us together. i could write him a song
maybe. naw, that'd be dumb. but i need to get him a card
that says something about him being a really awesome big
brother. there should be a good one at halmark i guess...
i'll go when my mom gets home. i hope i will anyways. i've
gotta keep thinking till then though. ok... i'm talking to
russ now. this boy's so confusing. he 'likes' someone else
now. he says he's not sure if he likes her... so what else
is new right!? *rolls eyes* this guy... i swear... ok so
i'll talk to you later. gotta go talk to russ. much love!
muah! bye!