the life of me
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2002-03-31 05:39:11 (UTC)


hey, sorry... it's been a while. i was on vacation w/ the
feldkamps (whitney's family). we went to morro bay. it was
SO MUCH FUN! :) we went to hearst castle, cambria, harmony
(where nicky, whit's bro, broke his but... lol ;) hehehe),
and some other places. all in all it was a great vacation
and whit and i bonded... as well as the rest of her family.
other than that... i guess domi and i are dating. it's
weird, i mean... how do you act w/ someone that
you're 'just dating?' and what do i call him... just plain
ole domi... he's not my boyfriend... do i introduce him
as 'a guy i'm seeing'... 'my friend'... what?!?! AHHH... so
many questions. i just don't really understand i guess...
oh well. nana and chad are coming tonight. as a matter of
fact, they're on their way now. dad went to go pick them up
from the air port :). YAY. i'm kinna nervous about
introducing domi to them at church though. i know it'll
probably come around to that... so i've gotta be prepared
right!?!? *sigh* so many things to consider. darrell's
acting like he's fine w/ all this... but i still think he
wishes i'd never felt anything... ya know!? i just wish i
knew what the hell i was thinking... ARGH! grr and argh!
*sigh* (i'm making lots of noises tonight aren't i?!). i
haven't talked to russ in a while. i hope he's doing ok.
i'll call him sometime this weekend. or he'll call me.
either way, i'll talk to him before monday. what else?!?
umm... i have a HUGE knot in a muscle in my back. it hurts
SO BAD. my butt does too for some reason. :) guess i'll
talk to you later. dad's back w/ nana and chad. ttyl. bye!

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