the life of me
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2002-03-31 05:38:40 (UTC)

march 23, 2002

spring break's finally here!!! YAY! i'm so excited!!! i'm
going to moral bay (it's somewhere up north) w/ whit and
here family. :) fun fun. ;) hehehe! today was very... uh...
i think interesting would be an appropriate. i sat next to
domi at church and well... i had my head on his shoulder
for like 20 minutes (i actually fell asleep). but the whole
time i just kept thinking... what am i doing?! ya know... i
mean, what're people gonna think? half of me doesn't even
care... but the other half does, and that's the half that
tends to take control. grrr... i just wish i knew what he
thought was going on. we've got that history feild trip
next monday. that'll be fun. he keeps saying it's gonna be
our first date. lol, can you image... 'hey lyns, where was
your first date?' 'oh, well we went to this mall in LA and
then went on a feild trip to the musuem of tolerence!'
hehehe! what kind of a date!?!?! not to mention that russy
is the only one supportive of the whole thing. ironic eh?!
lol, yea that's right... my ex crush (current best friend)
is encouraging me to persue my ex boyfriend (current
crush). now hmmm??? not that that's WEIRD or anything!
hehehehe! ok anyways, i've gotta go. i'm at whit's right
now and yea... wouldn't want little miss whit ease-
dropping. lol. not like i won't tell her all this anyways!
ok so i'll ttyl! much love. i'll writecha again when i get
back on thurseday. actually... i'll probably write on
friday. cuz i'm getting back late on thurseday. so ok then,
bye bye!

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