the life of me
2002-03-31 05:38:12 (UTC)

March 22, 2002

funny how when we least expect it, everything changes. i
realized on tuesday that i'm over russ. not completely,
never completely. but i'm in a place where i can look at
him and see my best friend... not someone i'm in love with.
he'll always be there, in that place he stole in my heart.
but never in the active part, well... at least not right
now. it's one of those things i guess. those things you
wish for in the back of your mind, and when it comes right
down to it... you know it'll happen sooner or later. what a
day that'll be! what happiness and joy! but for now, i'm in
the middle of another soap opera. i've decided to DATE my
ex. just date, not go out. i guess that's what we're doing,
i'm not really sure yet. but i'm getting there. jackson,
darrell, whit, and i are gonna do something on saterday
night. then on sunday whit and i are heading to moral bay
for vacation. SPRING BREAK BABY! i'm so glad to be off of
school. and only a month and two days before new york! woo
hoo! tour's gonna be a blast! YAY! domi and my would-be one
year anniversary is on april 5, so that's coming up. yikes,
has it really been a YEAR already?!? craziness. ok well,
i'd better go. wish me luck, i've got a bio AND honors alg.
II test today. alg.'ll be easy though, it's bio i'm worried
about. :) ok well, ttyl. until later.! bye !