Finding our Path
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2002-03-31 05:35:54 (UTC)


Apartments are a hard thing to find. A friend wants to room
together next year, but I don't want too. So it's up too me
to find an apartment.

I called one place, and they said that I have to send in an
application with money before I can even look at it. I
think thats crazy, and the only other things are like rooms
on a second floor of a house that someone has fixed up to
be an apartment. I don't wanna live with a complete
stranger, so then I went to different complexes, and they
were either all full or gone for the day. Single apartments
are in high demand, so why don't they just build new ones?
Well, I'll tell ya why. Capitalism and Supply vs. Demand.
With a low supply and a high demand, they can charge a
crazy fee for a shitty apartment. One more area where
capitalism has failed, and one more area where we see the
need for public housing projects.

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