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2002-03-31 05:32:28 (UTC)


My memeories of first learning how to sn*wboard!
I wanted to pick up the hobby of sn*wboarding, so........
I had my pals Korey, and Will help me out, because I was an
ameature and all, but also because they were really good at
the sport anyway and I thought that they could coach me
staright throug this.

We took a skiing trip out to afton, and that's where I
learned the basics. "topping" which was So incredibley hard
for me, and carving which was dido also!

You wont believe how much sn*w I had to eat just to be able
to make it down a hill. I could do any kind of fall you
name it. I did flips and barrel rolls, and the famous
hit 'n' fly. If you don't know what it is, it's when you
hit the ground,fly up a few feet, and then hit the ground
again, and this goes on repeatedly till you get to the
bottom of the hill.

I guess that I had no idea what I was getting myself into,
I thought that this whole "sn*wboarding" thing was gonna be
as easy as pie, but now that I think about it, I should of
hit myself or something, because sn*wboarding is pretty
hard, if you haven't done skiing or any other ways to get
out on the sn*w.

Learning how to stop was the trickiest thing for me. I'm a
left footer, which means I'm pretty clumsy on my feet, and
when you have to lean back on your heels to make the board
come in front of you, it's compicates things a lil, well
actually I lied it complicates things alot for me it did.

I remember when Korey and Will were guiding me down the
first hill, telling me what to do, and showing me so that I
could so call "visualize" what I needed to do, but to tell
you the truth the "visualizing" did diddley squat for me.
Of course I fell and ate sn*w but hey no one's perfect

I got my share of bruises and sore EVERYTHING, but I'd say
it was worth it.

I remember when I had gotten the stopping down that it was
the carving part that pissed me off the most! I remember
that no matter what I did the damn board wouldn't do what I
wanted it to and eventually I ran into a nice firm oak tree
or a wooded fence, or not to mention the lovely bush
infested pits that were on both sides of the runways!

I've also had my shares of the tubling off the ski lifts,
and ramming my board into other people. I couldn't tell you
how many times I had to apologize for shoving my board into
people's ankels. I've also had my shares of ridding the
lift around the corner, because I wasn't ready to get off.
Of course they had to stop the lift and I had to jump down,
and I recived my apauled from the other lift people for my
theatrical display. I just ran off to hide my embarrassment
of course.

I'm sure with every scarp and bruise and ache there comes a
time for "head on collisins" am I right or am I wrong? Well
I'd say that I'm right, because no matter how banged up I
was I guess I still had room for a few concusions here or
there too!

You wont believe how many people I had hit on a single
hill. I felt like I was in a fricken game, that if I hit a
child it was 50 points and an adult was 100, but to hit two
at the same time, man I must of wanted to win that game,
because I had hit doubles all the time!!

You know If I was a writter and I had wanted to write a
book, I would go to the slops for inspiration. You wanna
know why? Well here's why ~ Have you ever really realized
the things that people will shout to you when you run over
their board of swipe one of the poles from them on
accident? Well I do, I don't think that there's any word
that WASN'T yelled to me. I could make a book about all the
obsanities you'd hear out on the slopes, and publish it!
I'm not kidding, I mean you'd be surprised that even
littler kids say 10 or ever 5 or 6 would ask you "why the
hell did you do that for?" I'm serious, because I remember
when I was trying to make it down this hill to the shalay
that was below I tried to stop but couldn't so I tried to
carve to slow down my speed but I couldn't either, so I
scrapped across this kids board. He was about 10 or so, and
I of course fall, but when I got up that kid was coming
towards me, and he shouts out "better watch out dip wad". I
laughed a lil after he left, and met up with Korey and Will
in the shalay.

From then on my day was pretty good. I learned how to stop
and I learned on to carve. I was going down hills, and to
my luck was passing up things that looked harmful, well
basically stuff that was hard and solid!! By the end of the
day I had mastered what I had wanted to do, and to my luck
I did pretty good for a beginner, just didn't have
gracefullness I'd say.

All I know is that the next day I couldn't sit, and my legs
and elbows were such a lovely blue and dark purple. I
couldn't sit for a week, but all I knew is that I wanted to
go sn*wboarding again, and soon.

So I've been sn*wboarding since then,and I'm stopping and
carving better than ever,I'm hitting jumps and learbing new
things. I'm not a pro thoough, but I'm WAY better then how
I first started out, don't you think??