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a day in the life...
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2002-03-31 05:28:27 (UTC)

you will spit on me, you will make me spit

...i dont even know what to say at this moment.

i was bad last night. i dont know why i even felt the need
to do it...i was bored...

ha ha ha ha it's kinda funny now that i think of it. just
another crazy random night...

jack needs to stop with his rumblefish cracks. that little
fuck. i'm just glad he left before strip poker...i might
have been traumatized if he had stayed. lol
and what was with Tim picking me to take my clothes off?
i'm just glad i'm a girl and had tons of clothes on. he was
down to his boxers within 3 hands. ha ha ha

date #5 with morgan tomorrow...i dont even want to go
really...i feel bad. he's cool and i like him, but when i
went out with him on thursday jason kept popping into my
head and i felt like i was cheating myself for being with
him when i dont even feel for him half of what i feel for
jason. i just feel awkward around him now...

i just hope this whole jason situation works out for the
best. it's like the whole gary situation all over again...
just hope it doesnt end the same. kinda diferent though...
7 months isnt really that long...the year has flown by.

got to go.tif i here