No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2002-03-31 05:13:56 (UTC)


its 12:08 AM. I'm really tired but just can't seem to
sleep. Maybe its cuz I'm thinking, but I just cant choose
one topic that I could be thinking about. A million
thoughts scatter throughout my head, like a swarm of bees
when their nest is touched, every five seconds. It's
getting hard to keep up with. I just need to get my life
back to the way it use to be. A great boyfriend, normal
hours of sleep, more contact with my friends, things like
that. I have hung out with people over Spring Break though.
If I want to I know I can get a bf, but I don't want to go
out with just anyone. I'm so sick of the pointless flings.
I'm not saying the next person I date I'm going to marry,
beacause we all know that won't happen. I just want my
relationships to mean something. I am also very glad I'm
not being a grasshopper like last year, just going from guy
to guy to guy. Yeah I am way to tired, I'm being really
honest. I'm going to shut-up before I dig myself a hole and
burry myself alive in honesty. lol. Good night.