Watch Me Fall
2002-03-31 04:57:37 (UTC)

Saturday Night Fever

Hey Kids.
I'm sooo bored and lonely! I hate working the
weekends,cause by the time i get home all my friends are
already gone and I'm stuck at home by myself! :*(
So,here,I 1045 on a sAturday...talking to some kid
from some band and writing in my pathetic excuse for an
online diary. I REALLY wanted to go to that show in
Wataga..but we can't get what we want ALL the time,I guess!
Oh well,i asked for the 26th off..(yay!!!!!)
Hm..what else can I touch on?
The art of unreceptiveness is on a decline. and thank god
for that. I'm tired and distance sucks. I decided it's not
so much the miles that keep people apart, as it is the mind
state they put themselves in. Closeness is in spirit, not
location. I feel like a fortune cookie.
I actually really have nothing good to say..I just wanted
to write an entry and pretend to be important.

"Turn my head, open the window..the stars are restless
alone. I hope that you feel the same about me tonight. The
city sleeps so well at night,I feel you with me all the

Song of The Moment: Start Again. Astoria.