my life (as told by me)
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2002-03-31 04:45:13 (UTC)


it's still the 30th, but like later on. i'm in such a
shitty mood right now. i was ok til about a few hours ago
when my world fell down again. it just came flyin down and
hit me smack in the forehead. here's what happened. i got
in a fight with brian over a mistake i made...and
everything hit me at once. it seems to me that i just dont
fit in well. i like this one guy, but personally, i dont
think he'd ever date me. i'm probably not his type of girl.
i'm not pretty, and i'm not a girly girly. i'd rather be
outside gettin dirty fourwheelin than sittin at home on my
ass brushin my hair and painting my nails. that's just not
my kind of shit. and another thing. i'm a down to earth
girl. i dont have my head shoved up my ass, and i dont care
what i look like. which is nice on occasion, but i mean,
what guy would wanna date a girl like that!?!?! if someone
can answer that question for me, i will be so happy. i just
happen to be the different one. the one with a crush on a
guy that i dont think is going to amount to anything. sucks
dont it. i just wish for once, just once, i could have a
taste of dating a guy that i like...and that likes me for
me...the NOT girly girly girl that i am. the one who would
rather get dirty and nasty than paint her nails. i wanna be
me, simple as that. and i wanna be liked for me. can it
happen? is it possible? i hope to god it is.....

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