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2002-03-31 04:18:21 (UTC)



Happy Early Easter Peoplez!! or should I say Merry
Halloween like i tell every1 else? haha.. Well last night
was pretty kewl,Tiff came over and we fell asleep after I
took 2 headache pillz,it was all z's 4 me! LoL.. My head
was so totally freaking pounding =(.. So,anyways we did
NUTHING!! ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Which is nuthin normal in sum
ways but I mean this is SPRING BREAK! I cant be a luzer
4ever, or maybe..its just meant 4 me 2 be one, LoL..
afterall, I am the skanky tuna gurl,~*~LmAo*~* Welpz,I
Think im going 2 Tiffani'z(thats my cuzin 4 u peoplez who
dont know)2morrow after I wake up and everything ITS EASTER
2MORROW!(DUH) BUT STILL..YAY!!I Hope da easter bunny
comes..he'z my friend :P,LoL.. anyways.. yah,I think im
goin 2 Tiff'z or whatever and Derrick'z gunna be there FUN
FUN FUN!! i mean,i havent seen him in 4ever...and i had the
BIGGEST crush on him ever...Derrick is like,uhmmmm,how do i
put this?? Derrick is just an old friend of ours, I met him
through Tiffani when we were lil and I totally was crushin
then!! ~*~*~=)*~*~* .......SOOOOOO *~*~NeWaYs*~*~

I Cant Wait Til' 2morrow 2 MAYBE c Derrick after all this
tyme!! Its gunna kick ass!!

Wow...HOLLY Just got online but I'm "INDIVISIBO" or
whatever Kyle said it iz,..dont ask cuz not even I member!

~*~Well..I Guess Its Tata 4 Now'z*~*


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