Lifeless Glitter
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2002-03-31 03:50:01 (UTC)


*hits head against the wall*
Chris is a freaking form of torture!!! *repeats that over
and over and over*
It's not so much the fact he's cute's the
facts of...I blocked him cuz he cussed me and warned me for
no reason, only to find that ... James is apparently his
best friend and James copies and pastes these stupid
messages(which I don't think I should repeat) from Chris
I'll probably end up blocking James too...that sucks.
Oh shit...Josh is Chris' friend too I think...THIS SUCKS!!!
OK, now Chris hates me and James probably does too...
Logan might hate me...I dunno...cuz I scratched him lol...
Josh will probably end up hating me because he's Chris'
friend and Chris will probably tell some stupid lie about
me...grrrr...this sucks.

Anyway...Rascals *was* fun... Logan is the pretty pixie
princess...or something. And all the leprchauns bring him
I scratched him and he's scared of me now...then he took my
glow necklace and the Josh got all mad or something lol...
it was funny.
Oh well...

I'm sad now. I can't think of something incredibly
optimistic that usually no one could think of when they're
so mad and upset, which really scares me because I usually

And...well...I used to want to be a psychiatrist, but Chris
has just scared me out of being one.

Actually, I've been thinking for about 1/2
hour that I didn't have anything to write here...
I shouldn't let him stand in the way of anything, by
supposedly "scaring" me...
God is my source of strength and joy, so I don't think any
person...demon possessed or not...can stand in the way of
what I do. If God calls me to be a be it.
muahaha...*more optimism* yay. ^_^
If you're a bit overwhelmed of my straitforward statements
of what I believe...well this *is* my **diary**...the whole
purpose is to type out my thoughts.
I unblocked Chris. I don't know if that was a mistake or
not...I guess I'll find out.

My sn is Blinknskittles41...for any of you who have AIM.